Anniversaries, birthdays, retirements – you name the occasion and I’ll guarantee you’ll be much like most of us arguing with yourself about what to give.

We find that gift giving, particularly when it is an important milestone, can be problematic.  Some gifts are too common, some don’t express your true emotion.  Most just sort of fall short of what you want to express.

You ask yourself, “What don’t they already have?”, “What will surprise them?”, “What will make me feel pride in giving the gift?”  You might even wonder what will make them laugh, or cry (in a good way, of course!)

My 5 suggestions to determine the best gift are:

  1. Create emotion, something that will touch them.
  2. Exude celebration, something that illustrates the happy moment.
  3. Be thoughtful, make sure it represents the recipient, and not something you’d like for yourself (although we’ve all done that before!)
  4. Be personal, draw from their life’s accomplishments and important times.
  5. Make the gift recipient feel terrific about themselves.

Now go on – check out our site, this will be the gift for you!

– YML Studio Family

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